Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Proud to be an American (seriously)

I am not sure why, but watching the Olympics brings out a national pride in me that I really can't explain.
I kinda needed it.
War will sometimes do the trick, but this war just disgusts me. 9-11 did the trick for a while, but I don't exactly want to rely on tragedy to boost my esteem for the red, white and blue. Katrina had exactly the opposite effect. It just made me feel sorry for the way our country treated our own residents.
And then it just piled on. We're getting our asses kicked by gas prices, health care, food costs, global warming threats and our energy crisis, and yet Bush just continued to suck. I really, honestly worried about the country I was leaving for my toddler and the twins. And if not them, then their children.
But hey, online poker's sort of illegal, so at least they're protecting us!
The election is coming, and that's usually enough to make me hopeful, at least, that things will get better.
But I couldn't help but think it just wouldn't matter. How much can one man do, even Obama? Not a whole lot, I didn't think.
And then Michael Phelps starting tearing up the pool.
And I watched our gymnasts take gold and silver in the all-around.
And I watched our basketball team show a lot of pride and also destroy other countries. Even Kobe, who I haven't really admired much since the whole rape thing (granted, he was acquitted), spoke well about national pride and how good it felt to wear the colors, and he backed it up by going to beach volleyball (I would to, but hey) and swimming events.
Even the failures were inspiring.
I am starting to think this week that maybe we have it pretty good here. We have problems, sure, but we can produce some amazing people.
I'll vote this November and hope for the best. I want this country to be better. I have a little hope now.
Say it with me. It's kind of catching.


Kristin said...

I could have written the same thing. It's been awhile since I've felt proud of my country- but I am most certainly proud of the amazing things they are doing in China and the side of or country that they are showing. The world- and many of us at home needed to see that this war, this presidency, isn't a good barometer of the people of America.

jjok said...

ditto man....