Thursday, August 28, 2008

Power tripping

It might be most people's dream to be a leader. Watching Obama's speech last night was inspirational to anyone who hungers for power.
I do not.
I have no choice.
I have only a little power at work. I could have more, probably, eventually, maybe, but I've never wanted to be an editor.I prefer to write rather than fix the same mistakes in other reporters' copy over and over. I do that one day a week. That's enough. I went to school to write. That's where I get my buzz.
So that's OK. After all, I get my power trip at home, right? As the man of the house? As the father of twin girls and a toddler?
Accompanied by the warp speed that usually drives these things, the girls suddenly shedded their baby skins and are full-fledged toddlers now.
I'd post a picture, but they won't sit still long enough for me to snap one.
They're walking, babbling, talking a bit ("Daddy," "Doggy," but mostly "No"). Mostly they have developed attitude.
Jayden? The 3-year-old? Yeah, he developed his a long time ago.
Andie, especially, and only in the last week or so, pretty much demands anything now. She walks outside and yells until we swing her. She attacks me at night after I've put dinner on my plate, wanting bits and bites of my food.
I think it hit me today, early this morning, at 6 a.m. (when nothing really good happens), as I was in their room, searching for their clothes. Andie walked up to me as I took a short rest with my face down on the carpet. I felt a tapping on my head.
Andie was pounding on my forehead with a shoe. She wanted it on her feet.
I am the boss of no one.
But when their boyfriend comes around, I'm gonna OWN him.

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