Wednesday, August 06, 2008 makes the A List of poker sites

At times the number of poker sites on the Internet seems to have multiplied to numbers that match only a pack of lemmings.
Fortunately, many of the sites have thrown themselves off the cliff and into the Internet trash pile, covering your copy of "Party Poker" and all those old versions of Poker Stars that you keep updating every other day.
One site that I'd like to see pausing before taking the plunge off the cliff would be PokerListings.Com.
It's a sharp-looking site with a clean design, with lead stories that are updated daily. Just glancing through it Wednesday, I found articles on identifying false tells, expensive mistakes and how to recover from them, information on the next FTOPS series and a story on the Latin American Poker Tour.
You'll find more than the warmed-over updates you could find by entering Google News. On this site you can find all the latest poker news. There are so many entry points, to be honest, it felt like a Friday night on the virtual tables, with all of them listing 55 percent flops and average pots that equaled my buy-in. I just didn't know where to start.
I also really appreciated the player interviews
. You can find player profiles of all the main event final table participants. That's pretty cool, given that the mainstream media hasn't exactly jumped all over that like the World Series of Poker apparently thought they would.
The reviews of the poker rooms offered too many too count, including some poker rooms I've never heard of. My only complaint is the same complaint I've had with other rooms: They weren't tough enough on them.
The site's review of Ultimate Bet, for instance, mentions nothing of the recent problems that should make you withdraw your money faster than Jesse James robbing a bank.
I did appreciate the reviews, but they weren't complete enough. I'd say they could expand the reviews. I did like the quick-hitting highlights tab on the side.
The site does rank the rooms from best to worst, so maybe those speak for themselves.
The poker blog section was pretty cool. Obviously my standards are pretty high (save for my own poker thoughts on this here blog), given the great poker bloggers who I read daily, but I enjoyed many of the entries, including a blog from Liz Lieu about her father. You can find blogs by Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh, Lacey Jones or Nolan Dalla and staff writers as well.
I like this site. is probably one site that will survive the

*The following was a paid review

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