Sunday, August 24, 2008

The great Bodog debate

News that Smokkee's Bodonkey is now over might just lead me to pull my money out of what has been my favorite site for months.
Recent reports that Smokkee's site linked to have me wringing my hands. You never really know what to believe, as different sites are saying different things, but the fact that Smokkee, Bodog's champion, is now linking to sites that blast the site might be the biggest red flag of all.
Some pretty big pros are tied to the site, and if Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker can survive some pretty horrid cheating scandals, I do think Bodog can survive as well. But it seems to me that I almost lost a good amount of cash to the whole Neteller debacle, and when I finally did get my money back, I told myself I'd never put myself in that situation again.
I have about $275 in tournament credits that I plan to burn now that the Bodonkey is no more. So that's going first. I rarely play tournaments anymore but it's time to have some fun.
Bodog was my favorite site namely because the players were so bad. It was really profitable for me. Sometimes I wonder if it's confidence of the actually ability of my opponents that leads me to win money. Could one site really make that much of a difference?
And yet I also understand that these days the edges are small in poker and I possibly need to exploit any edge I can.
I have thought about pulling all but a couple hundred and continuing to play $50 NL. That's not good bankroll management but if I can't play on a struggling site any longer, oh well.
What would you do? If you're a Bodog customer, what are you doing?


Gnome said...

It's better to be safe than sorry. I'm pulling all my money out from Bodog and simply playing on other sites instead.

Mondogarage said...

I just pulled off 80% of my Bodog roll.

A totally insignificant act, really, since I lost 50% of that roll in tourney buyins since their RNG decided to permahose me, but just the same...

kurokitty said...

It's over. The Elves are leaving Middle Earth and there is plenty of room for Hobbits.

Drizztdj said...

I left a whopping $11.37 to play penny slots with.

Plus almost $400 in tournament credits to burn.