Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tagged by the Twinkies

The Twinkies tagged me, and while I don't normally buy into these things, I will do it because I love her blog, I have a special place in my heart for mothers of twins (since I am married to one) and this blog is a little unique in that it's only partially about poker and more about poker, running, mountain climbing, my toddler and twins and the occasional rant.

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1. I secretly love cats. I used to hate them until I was living with a girl while in Salina who had them. They were very affectionate creatures, and one especially thought I was his buddy. He would follow me everywhere. When I moved to Greeley I took a cat with me and loved her. I had to give her up because Kate was allergic after we got married. It was heartbreaking and I still think about her occasionally.
2. I like to look at my shit before I flush it away (in case anyone thought I was turning into a girl on #1) to see how big it is. Does anyone else do this?
3. I used to hate cold weather. But over time, I conditioned myself to tolerate cold weather. I did this in just a few months before a trip when I would climb Mount Rainier in the winter. Now I can run in sub-zero weather and actually enjoy it if the wind isn't blowing. You can condition your mind to tolerate and then start to enjoy it things that you might previously find intolerable.
This is why people can play Omaha Hi/Lo.
4. I used to hate brocoli. Now I love it if it's steamed. See example #3.
5. I am a big heavy metal fan, but I find myself enjoying guilty pleasures such as Rihanna and pop songs. I'm not sure if this makes me a weaker metal fan or just more well rounded in my musical tastes. I also love classical and jazz music but those two genres are a lot like metal, probably more than you may realize. Maybe Blood will need to rule on whether it's OK to have Rihanna and Shadows Fall in your iPod Shuffle during a long run.
6. I really don't like to watch much TV, so I usually refuse to watch a show even if it gets drooled over by everyone else. I eventually regret this decision. I'd probably love "Lost," for instance. But I don't want to waste the time to see if I'll like a show.
7. Snakes are my favorite animal. During "Snakes on a Plane" I found myself rooting for the snakes. I really want a snake but my wife is phobic of them and would divorce me if I brought a snake into the house. So there's my out if we get empty nest syndrome once the kids are out of the house.
Just kidding, sweetie.

I really don't want to link to others because a lot of my blogging buds already get tagged a lot by memes. But I will link to her because seems to like them, these three are fellow northern Colorado bloggers, and this guy writes my favorite blog just because it makes me laugh. Plus he doesn't mind when I bug him in the girly chat.

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Chipper (Dave) said...

Thanks for the tag (I think). For what it's worth - I posted my response on my old poker blog. I enjoy reading up on how your kids are growing up. Kids tend to change your life don't they?