Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smashing the shoe

No one wants to beat Cinderella. I'd rather hug her. If Davidson wasn't playing Kansas, I would have rooted for them hard. What's not to like? Classy team, classy coach, amazing player.
But these are my Hawks.
Sorry, Cinderella.

I haven't been that nervous since Kansas beat Arizona to go to the Final Four five years ago. A loss to Davidson would have been devastating, and that's exactly how we played, a team hoping not to lose. There's something to be said for just hoping to last through a tournament or taking it by the horns and destroying it. Maybe there's a poker lesson there somewhere.
When the final shot fell short of the basket, I screamed, startling my co-workers at the paper, and ran up and down the hallway. Then I almost bawled. I'm sure I lost a year off my life.

We're in the Final Four. Later this week I'll talk about my desire to crush North Carolina. But right now I'm drained.

Totally, totally drained.


Kris said...

I thought about you as I saw the highlights on ESPN at midnight... and 3 am... and 6 am... =) I'm glad they won, & hoping for your sake that the next game is a little easier on the heart! =)

bayne_s said...

I come to your site today looking for your take on Roy Williams coaching against kansas in Final 4.

Where is it?