Sunday, March 09, 2008

Paid review of USA Online Casinos

* The following is a paid review.

Top USA Online Casinos has the right idea.
It's a Web site designed to keep us good 'ole American poker players in the game by helping us determine what sites still take us despite our government pronouncing online poker as on the level of heathens.
As I said, it's a nice idea.
If only Top USA Online Casinos did it the right way.
The Web site doesn't really have a lot of information that we probably couldn't get on our own. Granted, I may not be being completely fair. The site doesn't lay claim to being the best online poker information site, just one of the best casino sites.
In that regard it's not bad. You'll find an easy list of some of the best sites, a way to download it, what bonus you can expect and the strongest point of the site.
I hesitate to blast Online Casinos too much because those juicy bonuses remind me of the old days, when I could play poker and get a little extra scratch on the side. These days that doesn't happen nearly enough.
But the reviews really don't seem to be much more than promotional material you could find on the site itself. I'm all for short, bulleted, quick-hitting items, but if you're going to review a casino, I want to know its strengths and weaknesses in detail. What will make me choose this site, in other words, over others?
If you're a poker player, and many of you are, which is why you're here, you'll find nothing of any real value. The "online poker room" link leads to exactly two poker rooms. I'm pretty sure more sites than that take us American poker players.
As I said, Top USA Online Casinos has the right idea. We need to promote online poker in our country, especially since our government seems so concerned about stopping it, but sites that just want to cash in on a cooling craze by offering nothing but a few links is the wrong way to do it.

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