Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Poker Sites Review

Remember the old days, when you would scour poker rooms like a toddler sifting through the front lawn for that plastic easter egg with the five Hershey kisses?
You'd plow through bonuses like a high school sophomore with a trunk full of Schaeffer's working up the courage to ask that junior varsity cheerleader to homecoming. We'd reload, play five rooms at once and overfish the oceans.
Ah, the good old days.
Well, Online Poker Sites might just bring back memories of those glorious old days, before our government decided online poker was bad for us without consulting the banks on exactly how the suits were going to actually enforce the law.
The site is as complete as they come by offering lists of some of the best poker rooms in the world, with complete reviews and rankings (in case you don't want to read all that text), and even gives you some added swag by offering bonuses you might not get anywhere else.
Some of the highlights:
• There are plenty of news links, general news, poker hand rankings, so it's not just there to shill poker rooms.
• The site offers several alternatives to Neteller, an unfortunate must-have in today's poker world, as our government's stupid law did manage to shut down the easiest way to deposit. This is helpful, as there are some Americans out there who still believe it's nearly impossible to get money online. It's not, and the site shows you how its' done.
• If you're Canadian, you'll find several poker rooms that take your bacon.
• If you're American, you'll find options here thanks to the site as well.
Though it was a bit depressing to see the Old Glory on only three of the site's top 10 rooms, I did discover one room that might get me to sign up and chase a bonus.
You know, just like the old days.

***The following was a paid review.

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