Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tagged by CC (and I didn't know it until I already posted)

You get two posts on a Sunday. Don't let it go to your head.

CC over at Quest of a Closet Poker Player tagged me, so here are seven random and little-known facts about myself.

1. I'm having twin girls.
HA HA HA HA HA. Just kidding. I know as much as I've blogged about this that everyone on planet Earth, and maybe some on that new planet that seems able to hold life, knows that.

(Edit: Upon re-reading this, I just realized what an arrogant comment that is. Yeah, EVERYONE on planet Earth reads your blog, Dan. Come on. I have maybe, maybe, 35 regular readers, and that's just on bloglines, so it really could be a lot less).

OK, seriously:

1. I'm not sure if I ever wrote about this, but I played enough trombone in college to probably major in it. I was in the basketball band at the University of Kansas and played in its jazz ensembles. I was one of the better players (you have to be to make the men's basketball band, which gets to travel to the tournaments with the team), but I wasn't one of the top players. I played when I worked in Salina in the symphony and a funk band there and played for five years in a Greeley swing band before finally giving it up after Jayden was born two years ago.

2. I had braces three times, including a year in college, which was awesome. The third time I had clear braces, so at least I didn't look 15. I really hope Jayden doesn't get my jaw.

3. I was such a geek in the seventh grade that I was teased all the time. Not fighting back more is my biggest regret today, and it's probably why I can be difficult, even an asshole at times. I don't want to ever feel like I didn't fight for myself ever again. Unfortunately this affected my relationship with my little brother, resulting in me treating him like shit for many years (biggest regret number two), but we're close now.

4. I could give up alcohol, candy or any kind of dessert, really (peanut butter pie might be tough), but I don't think I could give up queso and chips. It's my favorite food and my biggest weakness.

5. I always have to keep busy. I can't just sit around and chill, unless I"m reading a book or watching a movie because then I'm "doing something." While this has helped me accomplish a great deal, it's probably prevented me from smelling the roses and just enjoying the quiet moments.

6. I am a bleeding-heart, pinko liberal because I believe in personal freedoms more than any other value I hold dear. Yet as I begin to raise children I worry about the choices they would make and almost would prefer to make them myself. Isn't that a contradiction?

7. And if you didn't get the idea that I love the mountains, I named my dog Denali after the highest peak in North America. Despite this, I've almost died three times in the mountains. In fact, me not dying in each of those situations is something like hitting a two-outer in poker. I've been lucky. This has led me to question why I continue to climb when I now have kids, and I don't have a really good answer. This is one reason why I'm embracing running as I hope it will fill the void as I continue to cut back.

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Gydyon said...

Good luck with the little ones -- we have ours tomorrow (but we're two weeks ahead of you).

Enjoy readign your stuff! Looking forward to writing again myself soon.

Stacie said...

OK, I'm WORKING on it. Sheesh.