Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In the greatest upset since, um, Golden State v. Dallas...

Yes, it's only third, but this is HORSE we're talking about here. I didn't even know why all the chips were being shipped my way once.

Stud was good to me, I played Razz well, sucked out in Hold Em once and survived Omaha and Stud Hi/Lo.
And I beat Drizz in a last-longer bet. Even if it WAS a turbo, and even if Drizz did suffer perhaps the worst suckout I've ever seen in hold 'em, if me beating him in HORSE in a last-longer bet isn't the upset of the century, I don't know what is. Maybe that hockey thing against the Russians.

This may be my last Mookie event for a while — and I will miss it dearly, even if it is just until the twins learn how to sleep through the night (they HAVE to be here by next week or Kate may just kill me) — so this was a nice way to say goodbye for a bit. Just as I've been suffering a long dry spell with my tournament game too.

Maybe this is a good omen.

Let's hope so.

As it pertains to poker AND babies!

P.S. Oh and I had the honor of talking to Iakaris via cell phone last night. He's in Denver and I was apologizing for not going out there to see him. I would like to keep my marriage whole and frying-pan free, so I don't dare ask, especially because I just know THAT'S when they would come.
I gave him a scouting report about our 2/5 limit poker game here in Colorado (can't wait to see THAT post) and got to visit with him a bit.
I figured he would sound like an intelligent, snooty guy, but he sounded pretty regular. Even almost young, like he was a college dude or something. I can't wait to meet him. December!


oossuuu754 said...

Congrats and GL with the Twins. You played a great game and hope to see you again soon on the virtual felt.

Raveen said...

congrads on a good job and gl with the upcoming twins, i'm sure they will be a handful.

Stacie said...

No post in two days. Does that mean...