Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pocket Pair Problem

After being within a gnat's wig of puking, I learned not to eat a huge bowl of cereal before my first 5K.
After nursing a horrible headache and barely making the peak, I learned that drinking a lot before a big mountain was probably not a good idea.
And after dealing with a mess that I have not yet fully recovered from, even months later, I've learned not to feed a baby prunes.
Why, then, can't I learn how to play pocket pairs like a maniac?

Actually, I have learned how to play them well. I've learned to be aggressive with them but fold them when necessary. Just not all the time.
Last night I shoved with AA and not only my profit for the night but my stack along with it. The one mistake wiped out three solid hours of cash profit and left me in the red for the night.
I misplayed the hand several ways. I did not re-raise enough before the flop and got two callers. Then I raised on the flop, and two called me. The board was harmless and uncoordinated, and yet I chose to ignore the red flag that the calls should have sent up. When a K hit the turn, I shoved and a guy with a set of 8s happily called me after betting .25 into a $10 flop (which screamed "please don't go away").
It's such a horrible play - I was hoping both of them had QQ? - that I won't go into it too much.
What I'm wondering is what it is about pocket pairs that continue to be so tempting?
I do such a great job of folding them 9/10 times, but it's that one time that can wipe out all the efforts of the other 9. That's No Limit Hold 'Em, and that's why the game is so great.
I know I've made more money off others' pocket pairs than any other hand. They are why I win.
But I think I've probably lost more off them either.

Oh, and speaking of a pair, after 37 weeks, Kate has decided that she wants to remain pregnant forever.
Ha, ha, ha, just kidding honey.
I really feel sorry for her at this point. I'd be a ROYAL bitch if I was carrying around 13 pounds of girls who have decided that they would rather not come out until, say, August. Instead her spirits remain high, although they are wavering. Kate started growling at a car ahead of us because she didn't pull out screaming and tires smoking the instant the light turned green.
Yes, it's the anticipation that makes Christmas so great, but you wouldn't like it either if they brought out the Christmas trees in July and told you that new blue tricycle would be there for you in just a few days.
And, of course, if you had to GIVE BIRTH to the tricycle.

P.S. Congrats to Ryan on his little one. What a doll.


Bárbara Lazcano said...

I stumbled into your blog...I laughed a lot with the stories about your soon-to-be-here babies..really, the best wishes to you both from a total stranger that was somewhat moved!! congratulations!

Drizztdj said...

Shrek fun fruit can be used as bait for those girls to come out as well.

Hang in there Kate :)