Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bonus Sunday Haiku

Kate is cramping now.
Is it true or false this time?
I guess I'll know soon.


No, but we're closer
Can't be more than a few days
Cause wife is frazzled


Kris said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck!!!

Stacie said...

Labor plays you false.
Your misery means nothing.
Twins come when they want.

Accupressure to induce labor (also known as bullying husbands into foot massage)

Krissy said...

Tell your wife I feel her frustration...37 weeks, 6 days with twins...

Hang in there! My husband is about to lose his mind with the waiting.

Stacie said...

The accupressure
won't work, it's true. But Kate will
get a nice footrub.

Stacie said...

Where are those babies?!