Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thoughts for the day

• Poker continues to go well at the full tables. I've raised my starting hand requirements, as probably 75 percent of the time there's a raise either before or after I play (sometimes I'm the one raising), but that's gone fine. In fact, I'm reading "The Theory of Poker" by Skalansky, and he said the lower the ante, the fewer hands you should play. Given that most of the .25 NL tables are pretty wild anyway, and that you should play the opposite of your table, my tight-tight aggressive style seems to fit this perfectly, given these two points.
• SnGs are also going well, I'm cashing most of the time, which leads me to think I'm just going to have to suck it up and start playing $10 ones. I'm told there's no difference, but I just can't quite pull the trigger. I have friends who play on my level who crush the $20 tournaments, so I suppose I should look at that as well.
• I'm clearing my fifth bonus at Hollywood Poker. Hollywood consistently offers reload bonuses, so I just take my SnG profits from Pokerroom and deposit every month. I'm a big believer in getting paid to play, and Hollywood so far has satisfied that.
The only problem is it forces me to play rings a little bit too much, and my dial-up doesn't allow me to two-table very well, so after next month, I'll take a break.
I wish I could two-table. I find myself getting bored and not paying as close attention as I should. This hasn't really affected my play, as I won't change my style at this low level, but I'd bet two-tabling would help me focus even more, as crazy as that sounds.
I'm also wondering if maybe I should move up...maybe a move up would interest me more.
Maybe if I get my bankroll on Hollywood to another $100 beyond. I made almost $400 in February, so I don't see a reason to push it.
• I've often wondered how much luck people need to win even a SnG? I have to have cards, but I also usually only need the same amount of hands that others expect. In other words, I don't need an exceptional run to win. I also notcied that I rarely suck out against others anymore.
But I also need for my opponent to not have great luck, like flopping small two pair when I have A,K and an A comes down, or sucking out on me. I did not do well in my SnGs last week, and the reason for that is took a major suckout like five times in five tournaments.
• Happy Tuesday!!!

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