Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just as I thought...

I played a $10 SnG for just the third time in my life last night and took second for a decent cash. The guy sucked out on me, of course, at the end when he got runner, runner for a straight, but that's OK.
The players were just a touch better, which actually made it easier to play. After the last two donkeys chipped out, bringing us to three, we battled for quite a while.
Player A was far too predictable, but that's probably the weakest part of my game, too. Player B was harder to read, but he went all-in far too much, which got him chips but would eventually kill him when he pushed too hard with a pair of pocket 9s with 10 high on the board and the guy flipped over A,10.
One side note: Don't ever motivate a player.
I was low stacked and starting to try to find a hand to go to war with (i.e., sort of give up, we've all done it, and I was very discouraged after this month) when Player A said to us, "You both have a lot to learn about playing poker."
Oh, really?
Well, after my 3,3 smashed his pretty A,Q, and I doubled against him, I was bound and determined to crash his ass. I bluffed more than I do, played hands carefully and doubled up against him two more times, when my AA destroyed his QQ and my A,9 dominanted his A,7.
Every time, I typed in the box, "Gosh, if only I could learn how to play."
In fact, I would have had him and his huge mongo stack (he got from getting gift hands and even larger gift calls from the donkeys) if it wasn't for his runner, runner, but he admitted I scared him after sucking out on me.
Whew, he said. Remind me never to talk again.
Here's your reminder.

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