Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The streak is starting to crack..

So wish me luck this weekend.
I'll be playing live poker two days in a row.
Friday night it'll be buddies, a little nicker-dimer stuff, so that won't be a big deal.
But Saturday will be my first time in a casino.
I've always wanted to play poker in a casino, even before I knew you could put percentages on hands and I thought poker on TV was boring to watch.
Now, after more than a year under my poker belt, I figure I'm ready to dive in.
I don't know what's going to happen. I could lose the $200 I plan to bring (I got the money from a freelance article, so it's almost free money. At least that's what I've told my yet-to-be-convinced-wife).
Or I could win a lot.
Or I could break event.
Two out of three sound pretty good to me.
It comes at the right time, when my tournament play has been good, even if the results don't show it in some ways. I've bubbled out of far too many SnGs when the blinds swallowed me up and my good hands lost their races in the inevitable all-ins (my JJ versus QK or my K,10 versus Q,J, for example),, but I have crushed the $2.25 tournaments at work, cashing 6/7 and making $26.
The ring games, however, continue to be bleechy. This week hasn't been too bad, but it's been far below what I like to think are my standards. The suckouts have disappeared, but that's mostly because I've played very few hands. I've been so very, very card dead. I've seen more 9, 5s than an office worker. And watching decent players take advantage of all the donkeys I've seen spewing chips because they think their second pair is gold (but there's an A attached!) has been so frustrating.
People raise me, and I either call and get burned or they raise and I fold TPTK and they show me nothing.
It'll come back. It has to. But I'm ready for a hot streak. let's hope Saturday starts it.


cc said...

Congrats on losing your live poker room virginity! It's a bit intimidating the first time you sit down (or at least it was for me). A few things to keep in mind: tip the chip runner a buck for getting your chips, wait until the bb to start (no need to post), play will probably be fairly loose/passive at most lower limit (if you're playing limit), with a bunch of callers pre-flop. Good to start not playing very many hands so that you can see what's up. Some people keep good records (bring a pen and small notebook in your pocket to keep track of hands/where you are through the session). One thing I would also recommend is take a walk about 90 minutes into play (when your bb comes to you). It will allow you to decompress a bit and revise your game plan. Hope you have a great inaguarl session.

Slimeface said...

Great advice fromm CC. Like most things in life the first time with any new experience can be a little unsettling but soon after it's just another thing. Hope you have a winning inaugural weekend!

TripJax said...

Can't wait to see how things went...