Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stuck in between

OK, I just realized something.
Sometimes a good old fashioned rant can help clear your head.
If I'm going to continue to play $5.50 tournaments and $2.25 tournaments at work, I'm going to have to learn to accept more suckouts and just grit my teeth when they happen.
I play them because:
• I'm still a bit of a chickenshit and struggle with the idea of putting up more money for a SnG where anything can happen, even though I know I could hang with them and probably even be successful at them.
• I'm still trying to improve both my skill and my bankroll, giving me even more confidence to play at the higher levels.
• I know I'm one of the better players at the table when I play at the my level, and I want to take advantage of the weaker players.
• The $2.25 tournaments at work require very little attention on my part until it gets down to the nitty gritty, so I can play them and still keep my job. :)
But if I continue to stay in the barn, I'm going to have to accept the fact that I'm hanging with donkeys, and donkeys, of course, make donkey moves.
Most (Some?) of the time, this is profitable for us aggressive-tight players. But it can also be incredibly frustrating, as you just saw, when the donkeys' moves continually pay off the donkeys and leave you bitching and empty-handed.
So maybe I continue to play the $2.25 tournaments and smile not only when I collect money at the end of the week from them, as I almost always do, but smile through gritted teeth when I get donkeyed over and over and over.

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