Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well, since I had my great virgin night at .50 NL, I've done nothing but lose, lose and lose.
The losses haven't been bad. I'm still ahead at the .50 NL level. But they've been higher per session than I'm used to. And I would love to say that they were the result of suckouts and bad beats, but they were not. I couldn't get away from QQ on one bad hand, even when K,K was on the board, and in another, I had top two pair with K,Q and yet when an obvious straight card came down, I refused to fold. What's even worse is I allowed the guy to draw to the one card he needed because my bet after the flop was very weak, a greedy, tiny bet that was just a hope for more money later on.
These are the kinds of calls I avoided during my great month of February. But I think these last three weeks are getting to me a little bit. Lately I've been extremely card dead, so I think I"m being pussy for not playing any hands, so I play hands I shouldn't, and when I finally get a hand, it looks like A,A, even if it's K,Q, and I can't get away from them. OR I get a great hand and get beat by a better one.
I could just accept these as variance, and after winning a SnG today, I reminded myself that patience, patience, patience is my weapon, that you are very good at picking your spots for aggression. But now that I'm playing at the .50 NL level, every mistake gets magnified, and I've started to question myself yet again.
I even moved back down to .25 NL in the hopes that the late Saturday night players would be drunk and foolish at that level, but I actually lost a couple bucks. My only consolation is I'm working on another bonus, so at least I'm clearing points.
Repeat this after me: I really can play. Honest. Seriously.

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