Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When it's correct to play below your bankroll or ability

Last night totally justified my many efforts to get money back into Bodog, going so far as to beg friendly bloggers to do a transfer with me, only to find out that Bodog doesn't allow transfers.
I finally got some cash on there with a credit card, my first option that was intially rejected and then accepted.
I sat down at Bodog to kill a little time last night while waiting for Kate to get home from her workout. I knew we were going to feed the twins soon and I didn't want to start playing a SnG or a level on "Black" and have to quit in 20 minutes. So cash games on Bodog won out.
I won $40 in 30 minutes.
And I did it playing $10 NL.
(On a side note, there are some video games that just don't take the parents of twins (or any parent) into account. On "Black," an older game that I just started playing because, um, I've been a little busy this summer, there's no way to save your progress through a level without making it throught the whole level. If you quit you lose all your checkpoints. That means unless you have two or three hours to spare playing nonstop video games - something that just doesn't happen anymore wtih twin infants in the house - you inevitably lose all your progress you've made in that level. That's just ghey! I mean that second time goes a lot faster because you know the level, but still...don't they realize that parents play their games?)
I play that $10 NL level more than any other on Bodog. I started when I was clearing a bonus for Poker Source Online. You earned points only if you put money in the pot, so I played that level and played practically every hand.
But I kept it up after the bonus was over because the players are so horrible there.
I mean they are really, really bad. They will shove their whole stack in with a pair. And it doesn't have to be top pair.
I call far more big bets there with hands as basic as top pair than any other level or site. I took one guy's stack with my QQ when he called me with a flush draw and didn't hit. I took another stack when a guy shoved with lower two pair after I got the nut straight on the turn. Another guy shoved all in pre-flop when I had KK and he had...Q,K. A fourth guy called off $5, half his stack, with nothing but King high. He didn't even have a draw.
Granted, I had good cards, but no way, and I mean no way, do I get paid like that on all my hands even at $25 NL on Ultimate Bet, a pretty reliable fishing hole. And shoving a harmless flop with QQ at higher levels will just get you stacked. Players are way too grindy these days, even at the lower levels.
Normally $10 NL is far too low a level for me to play. When I started playing real money two years ago, I didn't start there. But the games are just so darn juicy on Bodog. When I finally pulled money off the site right before Neteller, I was $800 ahead playing strictly $10 NL and a few tournaments in just a few months. That may not be big money to you all, but that money will pay for a trip to Vegas this October when my wife and I celebrate five years together.
If you're wondering, I haven't noticed the $10 NL games being nearly as good on other sites. I don't know why. Maybe the players on Bodog are the worst. I have played $25 NL there too and I'm beginning to wonder if the site truly does have the worst players. It's almost like those players were all transported back in time to 2004 and can't escape the void.
I really don't think, as some of you might, that I'd be making twice as much by playing a higher level. I just can't see that kind of action at higher levels. So my question to you all is when is it OK to play lower than your bankroll and for how long?

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JL514 said...

I made a bunch of money when I played the PSO bonus at bodog as well. The players are truly terrible (only worse players I've seen were at Titan Poker.. I really miss that place).

Regarding the video game, there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to save a game. I understand that in some games it take the fun out of the game (you save before venturing in to a new place, you go in, you get squashed and just reload the game to repeat.. takes the fun and skill out of some games), but not being able to save between levels is a bit ridiculous. Though I have to admit, I don't know what kind of game 'Black' is to begin with.