Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's see just how stupid I was last night...

Details are sketchy given that one of the twins had just started to whimper a bit in her carrier last night:

It's early, blinds are 25/50, you are playing the Mookie, a early position raiser pops you 3xs the BB, and you have K-Q soooted.
I called because I had a few chips, it was double-stacked and it was the Mookie. I don't think it's a bad call.

Flop comes 10,K,Q. Perfect. Initial raiser, a guy who has had success at the Mookie and someone you see as an aggressive player, checks, you bet 295 into the 500-some pot. Third player along for the ride calls and the raiser calls as well.
Hmmm. Still, I don't think the bet is bad here.

The turn comes a harmless...6, I think...and we're all rainbowed now. Raiser checks, I bet 1,000 chips, a little less than the pot. The third guy thinks and folds. The initial raiser raises. You'll have 800 chips left if you call.

I pushed all-in.

Is there ANYONE here who would make that play?


NumbBono said...

Folding in this spot is certainly an option, but leaving so many of your babies in the middle is just tough to do.

With top two, I wouldn't have a problem pushing here. You were just unfortunate to run into the stone cold nuts.

The JackAce was quite good to me last night. Of the 288 hands that I saw, I picked it up three times, and won a total of 30,056 with it. Unfortunately, I was unable to drop it on Hoy.

Fuel55 said...


JL514 said...

I'd probably curse myself and do the same thing. But always be wary of the PFRer checking the flop on you. Especially if he's aggro and a good player. What the heck is that all about!?

HighOnPoker said...

I know this wasn't the question asked, but I would've raised more on the flop. With the raise you made, its hard to know where you are at, and any other Broadway card would be scary.