Monday, September 03, 2007

Twin rule #5; Toddler rule #78 (WW)

Twin rule #5: Twins must ALWAYS wear exactly the same outfit at all times:

(The "are they identical" controversy rages on (at least in our house)). When we put hats on them, we can't see Allie's hair, and then they look a LOT alike. Don't you think? Also Kate noticed that both of them have the exact same crease beneath their left eye. Weird).

And yet here are seperate:



Toddler rule #78: Always keep the toddler busy at all times.

Dad bought us this for the yard. We just set it up Saturday. Jayden had fun and, more importantly, was busy for a while.


CarmenSinCity said...

awwwwwww - they are SO cute!!!!!! All three of them. I love that they have to be wearing the same thing at all times. My mom was a twin, so I'm hoping that I get to have twins if I ever have babies.

TenMile said...

And which one is the left handed one?

JL514 said...

Damn where can i get one of those awesome inflatable safety rock climbing things!?

Stacie said...

You will break rule #5 once they are old enough to get themselves filthy because, really, who wants to change two outfits if you only have to change one?

They are adorable, as always. We have molars and are finally done with houseguests - thus my recent absence.

heather said...

Do you know yet if they are identical?

They are adorable, matching outfits or not.