Saturday, September 22, 2007

What should the kids be for Halloween?

Jayden, a toddler who thinks resting is for when you're dead, always on the move, a cute kid with sandy blonde hair, likes to climb up things (I have NO idea where he got that).
You have a few choices for a Halloween costume
a) A proton
b) Dash from "The Incredibles"
c) Jim Morrison from "The Doors"
d) O.J. Simpson...actually, no, never mind.
e) A baseball player
f) Your Choice Here

The twins, Allie and Andie, two cute-as-a-button girls with lots of energy, smiles and the know-how for driving Dad crazy when he's trying to watch them without the wife.
a) Q-Q
b) Helium balloons (have you heard them squeal lately? You'd swear they were on the gas)
c) Two sunflowers
d) Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie...actually, no, never mind.
e) Players on the soon-to-be-gold-medal-winning USA World Cup team
f) Your Choice Here


Fuel55 said...

AS a chemist I vote for Proton.

Stacie said...

As a dork without even the excuse of being a chemist, I also vote for proton.

And sunflowers.