Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it college basketball season yet?

I really wondered why I just couldn't get pumped for the start of this NFL season.
I really thought it was because Sunday mornings at my house are no longer devoted to nachos, omlets and hours and hours of football. It's more like a long run and then rivers of formula, a diaper change or four and playing the twin hot potato game (whichever one is crying more gets held for the moment) all while trying to prevent the toddler from destroying the house.
But no.
Oh. Yeah. That's why.
The bear says it all.
Not only did my Chiefs look like the worst team in the NFL this season - seriously, did any other team look nearly as pathetic? - my fantasy football squad didn't exactly impress either. That might be because Larry Johnson is my stud back. He was the only guy worth keeping on my team besides Carson Palmer, and I liked Drew Brees better. Well, we all saw how THAT worked out. He did give me a point, so what am I complaining about?
I still like my team. I've got Gates at TE, I've got Jones-Drew and I think Brees will probably get me more than one point a week. My wide receivers are deep and I've got a good kicker and the Pats defense. But, man, it's clear that the Chiefs are gong to be about as much fun as watching a limit Razz tournament (even if they do win a few games, they're going to score about as much as I did when I was 14).
I've won my fantasy league three times in the last six years. Now I'm thinking we're in that slow, inevitable decline that all dynasties go through.
Then again, I knew the twins were a good thing. Maybe I'll be too busy to care. At this point, it's my only hope.

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Craig Cunningham said...

You've insulted the ATL and our beloved Falcons by not including them as potentially the worst team in the NFL!