Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

One of the popular sayings of grandparents is you get to enjoy them, and then you can hand them off when they get hungry, tired or poopy.
Not my Mom. By necessity, she's been in the front lines with us. She stayed with us for more than a month when the twins were born, and she did everything, even the occasional midnight feeding. She had to.
That's why I was excited about her visit this weekend. It was another set of experienced arms to help us with the twins.
She let us go out to eat Friday, by ourselves, which just doesn't happen anymore, and when we came back, she said, "I don't know how you do it." And she had the help of her husband too.
Every time she's out here, I really don't know how we do it alone. It was still chaotic. It was less chaotic but still chaotic.
So I wanted to show Mom what I love about Colorado. She's been to the mountains many times, but she's never been out here in the fall, when the aspen change. That's one of my favorite parts of Colorado.

The leaves were really pretty this year, even offering up some red, a rare sight among the aspen gold.

Mom feeding a twin in the car at Rocky Mountain National Park

We ate at a pizza place that reminded me of 1980s pizza joints, with old-style arcade games in the back and good sausage pizza.

"Papa Pat" does a good job of keeping the girls entertained.


Kris said...

You have the cutest kids ever... well, next to mine of course! =) And yes... poker. Matt is completely for it and has been seriously deprived since we moved. Name a time and place and we'll see what we can do- after the 14th, our schedules are pretty wide open.

caseypearson said...

Cori and I went up to Rocky Mountain National last weekend to hear the Elk Bugle... It was GORGEOUS up there! First time in a while for me. I'm a blog short, but congrats on the race and the time! You should be proud! :)

Stacie said...

Our leaves (sugar maples) trump yours, but those girls are SO FREAKING CUTE and Jaden isn't hard on the eyes either.