Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ain't no cure for the summertime hack'n'wheeze

I'm in full whine mode now after hacking, lung-rattling and blowing my nose for what seems like the 155th day in a row.
Really, summer is no time to be fucking sick. I've got mountains to climb, races to run and babies to chase (namely, my own), and noses just seem to run like mountain streams when it's 100 degrees.
Also, it's hard to play solid poker with a stuffy head.
As if to prove it, I'm still trying to dig out of the Saturday Night Massacre. Last night was a good start, cutting the losses for the week by a fourth, most of it earned when some dude called by 8x BB raise with KK (no fucking around anymore, if I take the pot, then fine) and then pushed all in on a Q-high random board. I called for his last $15 and he had....Q,J.
At least I have those poker fairies to dump some money on me and help me recoup my losses.

Speaking of climbing, I'm taking the week off to earn some brownie/anniversary points with the wife. Saturday the wife and I will have a nice dinner together and then hit up Colorado's casinos deep in mountain country. So I guess I can't get away from the mountains. It will be my second time playing poker in a casino, and it's all $2/5 limit, so the only thing you can do is bet your hands hard and hope you don't get sucked out on by the five others playing 8,3 os. Last time it worked well. I hope it does again.

I was seriously hoping Snakes on a Plane would open this weekend so I could see it, but I guess I may have to settle for Clerks II. I've got mountains to climb the next three weekends in a row, so please don't spoil the surprise ending of SOAP for me.

I've decided to put some ads on this blog. I'm not all uppty. I'll pimp myself for money. Daddy needs a new bankroll! Actually, as these are refferals, I'll probably be lucky to get enough money to cover a pack of diapers. But now that I'm getting linked more, I've noticed more people stopping by to check me out. Thanks tons for that.

I may have to break down and take some more cold medicine. I'm trying to avoid dumping the entire contents of Walgreen's in my bloodstream — that's what Mike's Hard Lemonade is for — but I may just have to do it, or else I think my co-workers are gonna kill me to silence my hacking, wheezing and, ultimately, whining.

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