Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pressing the button over and over

You've seen the video of the rat that presses that shock button because he was given a niblet, an orgasm or a pocket pair until he shocks himself to death?
I haven't seen the pocket pair video, actually, but I'm assuming one is out there because that's what I did to my bankroll Saturday night.
QQ, QQ, JJ, JJ and KK cost me a lot of money Saturday night, almost every bit of my $125 takedown from Thursday night.
I don't have the hand histories here. They're embarassing, anyway, and I've already analyzed them to death.
Both times my QQ lost to KK. My JJ wasn't too bad, but it still lost a pot, and the second time when I flopped a third J and bet half the pot it got NO ACTION at all.
When I got KK? Another harmless board, the guy got his third 7 and took me down.
The problem with pocket pairs is they're just so damn exotic. They look so sexy, so, anyway, they really do look great, like 70s velvet great or something. And in online poker, when TPTK gets pushed a lot, they're golden.
Or so it seems. Many times it's easy to push with them and get rewarded by freaks who can't let go of A,Q with a Q-high board. Trust me, it's how I won one of my big hands Thursday.
And yet, eventually, pushing with a pocket will give you nothing but a shock. No orgasm, no pellet, just a smack in the face and your bankroll whimpering in the corner, sucking its thumb and shying away from your touch.
It's basically a guessing game, with all these new players jumping in and out, to know when that pellet will arrive and when the shock will come.
Do I dare resist the pocket pair push before I shock myself to death?

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