Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm honored

First, bless you, TripJax, for putting this little blog in your white-hot spotlight. And I can't wait to put that banner above the blog. Man, is it cool.
And, of course, TripJax features me just as I spew forth my angriest, politicalist, bloggiest post yet. I was pissed, and blogging seems to be the cure for that, even better than smashing the little itty-bitty ants that seem to be invading my basement bathroom.
I have many people to thank for the muses (Change), the bruises (Felicia) and the schmoozes (Questy), but mostly, I have to thank TripJax, who stopped by early and often to comment on my blog and tell me to keep it up. Look to the right for the best of the best. They are my inspiration.
I will, I promise, keep it up and try to match the writing on this blog with my writing as a journalist. Here what you'll read about me if you continue to stop by:
• Yes, I'm a bit liberal, but for the most part I stay away from Rush-like rants on politics. This is supposed to be about life, poker and fun, not a weak imitation of talk radio. I won't shy away from that if I feel the need, especially if our politicos tend to keep picking on poker, but I rarely feel the need.
• My son, Jayden, is 1 and gives me and Kate our biggest adventure to date. You'll get to hear about the Continued Rampages of Jayden. Those with kids can relate. Those without can thank me for helping control the Earth's population.
• Poker. Yes, of course, poker, and what's better is I don't play $1,500 NL every night, as many of you seem to play. I play $5.50 SnGs and .50 NL. I am, as they say, low limit. So for those of you starting out, you'll get some good advice here. For those of you who played poker in Mum's womb, well, you can laugh and remember when.
• Mountain climbing and running. My other passions. Peaking. I've climbed mountains since I was 14, way before I started playing poker, so you'll get your fill, especially in the summer, when climbing season peaks, sorry for the pun.
• Life. I'm not as good as interspersing life as, say, Joe Speaker, but then again, who is? I'll do my best.

Thank you once again.
I must go now.
I've got a mountain to climb.


Felicia :) said...

I bruised you? When? Does this have something to do with S&M?

Have you ever heard of an enter key?

Congrats ;)

TripJax said...

I should be around tonight if you have some time. Email me at and we'll figure it out from there...

cc said...

Congrats, and well deserved.

TripJax said...

I can help you put the pic where the title is at the top so it doesn't look like your duping the title. I'm just going to email you my phone number so we can talk it through...i'll catch ya later tonight.