Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where's my $175,000?

Last night, at our high-stakes, $5, home game Wednesday night, I took a tough beat.

Quads over quads.

It was seven-card stud, five-handed, and there was one wild card.
Maybe the wild card makes it easier to get quads.
I dunno.

At Blackhawk, they pay you $175,000 for the bad beat jackpot if your quads loses to quads.

I'll take my $175,000 now, please. I'll even take installments.

• • •

The good news is I finally wiggled my way out of my tight-assed self and starting bluffing last night. I do bluff, but not nearly as much as I should. The problem is I've been a winning player for months now, so the incentive to take chances wasn't there. Tuesday, however, I got four monsters, like stacking, pot-cleansing monsters, and they were only paid off in pieces. That tells me I need to loosen up a smidge at the table. I am playing a higher limit, $50 NL, so I think the players at least aren't masturbating to porn, texting a friend, petting their dog, watching poker on TV and checking out their fantasy football players while playing poker. They're actually paying attention to table image.

One time I raised one of my best friend's blind for like the 5,000th time that night and bluffed him off the pot despite him saying, "I shouldn't fold here based on principle." I showed him 5,2 os when he folded.

I probably won just as much money through the bluffing as I did through my good hands. I"m still learning how to bluff with regularity, but last night was an important step.

• • •

Last night I ran hard in the track group, and it felt really good. It's so nice to finally be healthy again after three weeks of coughing.

• • •

Snakes on a plane. Friday.

I can't wait.

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Defend the Blinds said...

if you think $50 NL players are paying attention to table image, you have a long way to go.