Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shocked! Shocked? Really?

Well, now Marion Jones, the darling of the 2000 Olympics, says she was shocked (shocked!) at her positive drug test.
Um, yeah, I'm sure you were sweetie. Maybe because all the blood cleansing drugs or Gatorade or whatever you took to get it out of your system didn't work.
Jones already had a cloud of suspicion over her for years after being attached to practically every doping scandal in the last few years. My wife, a physical education teacher, was convinced she was doping in 2000 just by looking at her.
"She just doesn't look natural," Kate said.
I, for one, am not shocked, surprised or even the slightest bit stunned when another athlete is caught with his or her hand in the performance-enhancing cookie jar. After Floyd Landis, Justin Gatlin, Barry Bonds, Ivan Basso, etc., etc., etc., I'm so cynical that I'll be shocked when an athlete does something amazing and isn't taking drugs.
Thank God for Tiger Woods, or else my faith in our sports scene right now would cracked into dust.


Raveen said...

she always looked like an ape on steriods to me.....not shocked either

slb159 said...

I bet she multi-accounts in poker too. :)

tiltpirate said...

its not the athletes fault...its because we the fans expect them to win!!!!

Some moron actually said that to defend these idiots, sounds very supicious like the "site is rigged" idiots...nice site