Thursday, February 12, 2009

To ski or not to ski?

Back in the day when I was climbing every weekend, before we had an anklebiter and then went for the two-for-one special on anklebiters, there were weekends I didn't want to go.
But I went anyway. I needed to finish the 14ers before Kate started demanding an anklebiter. There are 54 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado, so this was not an easy task. And I only had three, four or maybe five months to climb. I needed to take advantage of every summer weekend I could.
Now that I have anklebiters, I do things because I want to. Free time is at a premium and I'm not going to read a Jane Austin novel if I don't want to.
So Friday I am supposed to go skiing. It's all set up. Day care lady taking Jayden for the day (she already had the twins)? Check. CDs picked out for the trip? Check. Equipment all put out? No. Not yet. That's part of the problem.
The reason i didn't always want to go climbing is it's a pain in the ass. You have to drive to the peak, and that's at least three hours. If you're lucky. You have to get all your equipment together. You have to get up really fucking early.
All of this is true for skiing too. And not only that, but it's supposed to be snowing. It's supposed to NOT snow in Denver, but in Greeley, it is, which means not that great of a drive. And the drive is already more than a couple hours.
It's a good problem to have to be close to the slopes, but it's a problem nonetheless.
Money is not the issue. I bought a Four-Pass that gives me four days of skiing, knowing that even going twice pays for it. The problem is, I've gone once and do feel like I need to get my money's worth. And I don't know when, if, I'll get to go again. March looks out, almost completely. Maybe next weekend, but probably not. By April ski season is basically over.
I guess I need to go. Back in the old days, a day without kids, where I just stayed at home and watched movies or read or wrote, was a really boring day. I would have killed to go skiing then.
Maybe kids really are aging me. Now staying home seems like heaven.

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The Wife said...

You sound like such a . . .

well, such a parent!

I could just hug you.

But that's probably 'cause you're just so darn cute.