Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a hobbyist

I doubt I'll be participating in the BBT4.
I think it's a wonderful opportunity for us, and I give props to Al for setting it up. But there are three good reasons why I probably won't take part.
• It's expensive - It sucks up time and a lot of money to play the whole series, and I can't devote much of either to a series that I have an outsider's shot of making much of an impact on anyway. I'm a decent MTT player at best, and against a large, tough field that will surely show for this, I don't have much of a shot.
• Poker is a hobby now, and maybe not even a serious one - I'll still read books about it and watch it on TV, but I'm not playing as much as I once did. The Mookie is almost always the only MTT I play during the week, and I think I'm probably going to devote one day a week to cash games. I'm a little discouraged at the coolers and bad beats I've taken lately, but more than that, I'm also in a general downswing and have found the games to be much tougher than ever before. I'm a good player, but there are thousands of good players online now, and I'm tired of fighting so hard for just a bite of fish every once in a while.
Poker's not gone from my life, not by a long shot, but it's no longer a large chunk of it.
• The general "feel" of these BBT4 events - The douchebag factor seems to really crank up for these things because the stakes are so high and it attracts a lot of players who aren't in our regular group. I love the Mookie partly because I know the players and hardly any of them are douchebags. This is the consequence of having a high-stakes series, and though I think it's worth it for all of us to pay that consequence, I personally don't want to be a part of it. I got really tired of the fighting, nasty comments and overall douchebagness of last year's series, and I just don't want to go through it again.
You might see me at a couple of these events, but for the most part, good luck to all and win some seats - I want to have someone to pull for in this year's WSOP.


Riggstad said...

See! That's why I stopped playing after the BBT3.

There wasn't any douchebagedness!!!

You should play. Don't think for a second that any one person who plays in these things have a significant advantage over anyone else.

You pay the fare and you'll get your shot just like anyone else.

I understand the frustration about the length, the time, the cost, and the assholedness that goes on. But don't bail on the whole thing.

Take your shots. It will be worth it.

Schaubs said...

I agree with Riggs.

The good people outweigh the douches.

StB said...

I can't argue with you. My time is constrained but I look to play some of them. One of my favorite posts this week was a person of douchebagginess complaining about how the things went sour last time. I laughed pretty hard after reading that.

Allvira said...

Should go there and play that.??
test your luck.

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