Thursday, February 05, 2009

A slow-rollin sucka

At the Mookie last night I was berated - mildly, but still berated - by a player who I respect and won't name here because I'm not into pissing matches.
It's a blind versus blind confrontation. It's folded around to us blinds. We're really just underway - the blinds are 25/50 - and we both have most of our chips from our starting level of 3,000. Actually, he has around 2,250, and I have a little more than my starting stack of 3,000.
He's an aggressive player, more aggressive than most, and we just had two confrontations last week, one when I made a questionable play but it worked, the other where he made a good play with Aces and I sucked out on him. I'm not really sure if that's important, but I thought I'd mention it here.

OK, so I have A-K unsuited. He raises me 3xs the big blind. I re-pop him to 350. I have position and I want to get more chips in the pot with this premium hand. Plus, to be honest, this is a move he likes to make with me a lot, and I wouldn't mind sending him a message to knock it off and win the hand right there.
He JAMS all his chips in.

So I had to think a while. When I finally called, he showed A-4 (sooted, of course), lost and then berated me for taking my time. I think he was implying that I was slow-rolling - and he even mentioned that - but mostly he was just amazed that it took any time at all for me to call there.
He called it a "snap call" many times.

Now, really? Is it REALLY a "snap call?" I wanted to think if it was worth a race so early in the contest, when a tight player (me) re-raises a guy and he jams all his chips in? What could he really have there? What do you put him on there? I figured at best I was racing and might even be facing KK or AA even if it is unlikely. Even if he has 77+ I'm racing there.

What do you think?


OhCaptain said...

I rarely ever snap call with AKo. You are a coin flip to so many hands. Personally, I've laid that hand down on more then one occasion. It's pretty and all, but early in a tournament, do you really want to risk everything to win so little?

He's just pissed cause he made a overly aggressive move and got caught. When you play that way you really need to expect to lose that way too.

StB said...

I think this person is being a jackass. I had a similiar situation where I ran my K K into A A in the same manner. So what if you took a bit of time to think. It does not give them an excuse to throw a tantrum and berate you.

The Wife said...

I don't know if the person is being an ass or not, but being someone who is a very tight player (read "VERY TIGHT"), I too am amazed when people will re-raise me with crap (or less than premium) knowing that I probably have something worthwhile. And, like you, if they re-raise me, I tend to have to pause, thinking "they must know I have something big".

I am finding out more and more, though, that no matter how much they should "know" I have something big, they sometimes just don't care, and like to race. So when I win, I'm happy . . . when I lose, I silently berate them for being monkeys.

I, too, would never have "snap called" with AK.

SirFWALGMan said...

Totally agree with you. Later in the game with a smaller stack it is an instant call but that early you could fold it or call or do whatever you feel is right. Good for you for thinking it through.

BWoP said...

A-K is a tough hand, particularly in circumstances where conditions aren't forcing you to pick a hand and go.

I don't think it's unreasonable to take your time in making a decision.

smokkee said...

in a $10 tournament (esp the mOokie), it's a snap call IMO.

Memphis MOJO said...

Two words: bad loser

TripJax said...

I'd like to read the other players thoughts on the hand, but I'm pretty sure slow roll doesn't even make it in the conversation here.

PP, if it went down like you said, you did NOTHING wrong. I like to think about tournaments the way Chad mentioned a while back in a post...

If you pay money into a tournament, you have earned the right to play any way you want. Play any hand you want any way you want and it is your deal. People can get mad, but fuck'em. You paid to play and that is the way it is. Unless you're breaking a rule, do your thing.

BadBlood said...

God forbid you actually use your brain to make a decision in a poker tournament.

I'll send you a list of playing rules so you can program a bot to act instantaneously.

Also, play with chat off. It's more fun. :)

Riggstad said...

You're a slow rollin' sucka!

Not really, but it's fun to say!

I think people underestimate the word sucka, and its pure ability to bring happiness. It even rolls off the tongue very smooth and sounds very cool

Sucka! Sucker? Sucka!!!

don't let anyone berate you. EVER.
I don't care what you think about them, because by berating you, they are not showing you the respect you deserve. All because his horshit jag off move didn't work.

you get berated by a guy for something so gay like that.... YOu should have told him to take his JV aggro monkey horsehit game to the kiddie tables. A4!!! BLAHAHAHAHA

Copy and paste that for next time. Verbatim. just substitute the hand he shoved on ya with. Probably be QT next time :)

Shrike said...

I am with OhCaptain and TheWife on this one. Especially given that your are in a relatively deep-stacked tournament situation. AK is not an automatic preflop ticket to put all your chips in!