Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I heard a rumor.
(They say you got a broken heart. Pop quiz: Who is this 80s band?)
No. This rumor involves toliet training. They say that girls are much easier to train than boys.
I truly hope so.
God, do I hope so.
Jayden has learned how to pee in the potty and does so on a fairly regular basis.
He has yet to poop in the potty.
I understand. Pooping is a pretty personal thing, kind of like rubbing one out. Whenever I'm at work, if someone's in the stall, I don't take the empty one. I wait it out. I like my privacy.
Jayden, apparently, does too. He now hides when he's crapping his pants. Sometimes it's behind the TV, or outside by the slide, or maybe in the corner of the house where we can't see him from the back deck. Occasionally he goes under the kitchen table.
He's also taken to holding it at times.
I'm not angry at him. I did these things when I was his age as well. Maybe I was a little later even.
But any tricks? We've tried bribery. We've tried soothing. We've tried insistence, although we haven't tried that that often because we don't want this to be a power struggle. Monkeys throwing feces is what happens in a power struggle. Lord knows we don't want that.


mookie99 said...

Have you tried the "stickers on a calendar trick"?

Every time he drops a deuce in the toilet he gets a sticker to put on the calendar. When he gets X amount of stickers he gets something cool.

Kristin said...

Let's see... Elmo's Potty Time (don't quote me on the exact name...) my SIL filled a little plastic thing with toys (bribery), and it worked great... make him wash his own underwear? (TEASING!) =)

I dunno... I think that's all I got. I'm NOT looking forward to it.

jjok said...

I keep a kids suppository in the bathroom for the girls, even to this day.

They HATE it.

If they don't go every night, I bring it out, and they go running for the toilet.

I say scare them.....

MorningThunder said...