Thursday, July 03, 2008

What to wear (or not)

Nothing probably reflects my personality more than my closet.
Most of it is filled with bland, conservative shirts, the kind you buy at Kohl's (40 percent off). You'll find T-shirts from my races, a bunch of 14ers T-shirts and a couple snarky T-shirts with a poker saying or maybe something clever from Las Vegas (what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas, chortle chortle chortle).
There are a few black concert T-shirts from the glory days.
And so I ask you.
Poison comes to town Saturday night at the Greeley Stampede.
What the hell do I wear?
I could wear said concert T-shirts, except I really only have Iron Maiden and Metallica, and I have a feeling that might scare some Poison fans. And my Def Leppard Hysteria shirt, something for the masses, is pretty ratted out by now. In fact I think it's gone.
Plus I don't want to be that guy. You know, the guy who wears concert T-shirts to concerts just to prove how many concerts he's been to. I usually am that guy.
I don't want to be that guy Saturday.
I cant' really wear one of those slightly outdoorsy, Kohls shirts can I? (Columbia, the brand of the Colorado sorta-but-not-really hip adventurers. You can wear it at work AND on a 14er!). Won't that be out of place at a Poison concert? I realize most of the audience will consist of people just like me, 30-plus guys who listen to too much Arena Rock in an attempt to relive the glory days of copping a feel in a parents' basement while Whitesnake warned us about the Still of the Night. Most of those guys, usually saddled with young children (probably not 1-year-old twins, but you never know), dress like me. So maybe I'm safe.
But how boring. This is a metal concert! Well, sorta a metal concert! I should let my hair down! (If I had any left from my mullet days).
I have no leather tops, leather pants or leather boots. I have no snakeskin vests.
I got nothin'.

So what would you wear? Semi-hip-but-not-really Kohl's outfit? Black concert T-shirt? Snarky T-Shirt? One of my Rainforest, nice, Vegas shirts that sorta looks like a bowling shirt?
I need some fashion advice.
Fire away.


Mondogarage said...

Hahaha....I bought a couple of those nice Rainforest shirts for me and my dad when I was in Vega$ a few weeks ago. Of course, we're old men, so that helps guide my advice here.

You're going to see rockers even older than I, which clearly calls for a Hawaiian print shirt, Birkenstocks, and a flopppy hat.

After all, you can't think Poison actually wears anything different when they're offstage these days, right? (grin)

StB said...

Damn I wish Poison was coming to Milwaukee. These used to come through every year.

Wear the snarky t-shirt or the Kohls shirt. I would usually wear whatever t-shirt was trendy at the time. Do not wear the concert shirts. It isn't quite the Maiden or Metallica crowd. Hell, I haven't worn a concert shirt to a concert in years.

Uwannabet? said...

Um did you just dedicate an entire post to "what should I wear to a Poison concert?"

1-open closet
2-close eyes
3-extend arm
4-grab shirt

enjoy the show

Krissy said...

Jeans and a white t-shirt. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Kris said...

Something comfortable... as long as it doesn't include socks with sandals, I think you'll be ok.

Matt actually tried to leave the house last weekend wearing socks with his sandals... EW! I'm married to an 80 year old man apparently! But even worse... he won't let me come up there to see Poison- because he never liked them! It's good I didn't know that before we got married- might have been a deal breaker! =P