Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is a poker post!

Anyone else watching the cash game on Poker After Dark?
It's really a good mix.
I mean, I know that watching poker on TV is SO 2005. But I still love it. I'm really jacked for ESPN's World Series of Poker coverage starting Tuesday. And I am loving PAD.
But let's be honest. I don't get out much.Though I am climbing a mountain Friday. Man, I'm rambling. Get back on track, Peaker.
OK, sorry. "Durr" is a fantastic player. Most of them on Poker After Dark, actually.
Except for Phil Hellmuth.
I'm going to say nothing new here. In fact I'll bet my traffic drops as soon as this post goes up.
But Hellmuth is such a jackass, and the act is getting old. In fact, it's also SO 2005. It really has started to screw with my enjoyment of the whole show. This is what happens when you allow a guy to wear a bathrobe to work (how's that for a weak-tight analogy, kind of like my play at the Mookie last night). He starts to think he can say anything, forget to shave (this analogy is going nowhere I'd better drop it) and then he slaps on some Brut instead of showering. Anything goes.
It's a tired, tired act. You could see the other players visibly uncomfortable with his antics. And the thing was, he made some terrible plays. I realize the guy has 11 bracelets but he played TERRIBLE. He checked a hand down with K,A on a King-high flop after re-raising in position and then bitched when his aggressive opponent caught up. Then he bragged about "how much money he saved."
I don't need to go on. We all know he's a jackass. This post is about as original as raising with the hammer. Maybe less. But I really wish he'd move on to a new act.
Its time for Hellmuth Part II. And I know sequels aren't very imaginative. But maybe just once we'll get one that will surprise us.

P.S. Had A-K, went all in with a pathetic M, was facing A-10 heads up, 10 on the turn. Ahhh. It's good to be back. :)

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$mokkee said...

Helmuth has already reloaded (100k) and Durr got bored with the game to run off for sushi.

looking forward to tonight's episode.