Monday, July 21, 2008

Get intense with Poker Intensity

If you stitched all the poker information Web pages together, you could make a quilt that would cover California.
Or you could just go to Poker Intensity and find a lot of that information in one place.
Poker Intensity offers information on poker terms, horse betting and the best online casinos. That's all pretty standard, of course, but three things about this site stuck out.
One is a poker odds calculator. That's nothing new, but this one was incredibly easy to use. It was far easier, for instance, than PokerStove. I was able to plug in my hands quickly and easily through its clean interface. I'll use it again for sure.
The second is the site's guide for new players. It answers questions on how to avoid scams, how to protect yourself against fraud and the best way to fund an account (on this last point, the site recommends NETeller, oops, but then again this site isn't just for U.S. players).
The third is the site's impressive guide to online poker rooms. Now we've seen thousands of sites that offer guides to online poker rooms, but usually these are just glorified rewrites of what you can find on the poker room's home page. Not here. You'll find ratings and long, well-written tips on the best features of each site.
The site is extensive and covers customer support, the cashier and a sign-up bonus as well as whether the room offers referrals, details on the software and its financial security and stability.
This section also sparks my only complaint. It seems to me the site isn't tough enough on some rooms. In fairness, the site bashes Absolute Poker, but here's what is says about Ultimate Bet:
"A Safe Bet. UltimateBet is extremely secure and stable. They are one of the best poker rooms in the world. UltimateBet is a licensee of the Kahnawake gaming commission and has been online since 2001. Your money is safe with UltimateBet."
Um, yeah.
So I'd encourage the site to be more up-to-date with its information and try to present more unbiased reviews. But that's my only beef. If you're looking for a place to play poker , you might want to check out Poker Intensity, as you'll learn a lot of information without wading through hundreds of Web pages to get it.

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