Thursday, January 24, 2008

Razz Rocks

"I hate Razz."
"I really HATE Razz."
"I really, really hate this game."


I really wish I could hate something that netted me two fairly nice scores in a row.
Alas, I love Razz, and it only got me this last night:

I'm happy with my performance, and catching some cards helped as well, as it always done for a tighty like me. I do think I'm a lot more aggressive in this game than I am in Hold 'Em and I don't know why. I steal a lot in Razz and really play my hands hard. Maybe because it's limit? Maybe because it's easier for me to read other hands? Maybe because I'm apparently the only one who loves this game and so I play it with vigor?

Congratulations on a three-way chop for first to Surf, Instant Tragedy and last but not least, G-Cox, who won a big blogger Razz tourney the last time he played it too! Sheesh. No more complaining.
When they did discuss a chop, I started bitching because I was on the "bubble" chop and I gave them crap, but I was only kidding, and yet IT and G-Cox both sent me a little sugar after it was over, which was very nice of them. That's actually going to be my first donation to our new college fund for the girls.
Keep IT in your prayers or thoughts, whichever, as he struggles through a rough time that we'll all eventually have to face. Hang in there man and we're all looking forward to have you back on the radio.

Also, I'd like to turn your attention to a new sponsor of this site, That's partly how I'll get to Vegas next December, folks, and it's a good site chock full of poker information.
Thanks to Mary for the help on the banner, too, as I am HTML-Forrest Gump.

EDIT: SHIT I forgot to post this part at the end. Sorry Google readers and Bloglines beamers. But this is too good to pass up, and it's for all you razz haters out there:


Mondogarage said...

Nice score, remember, they all count!

GaryC said...

GG last night bro and like I said in my post tonight, I should have discussed the chop with all four of us left.

Well played, but no, I am not going to turn into a Razz lover any time soon. I still hate the game. ;)


Mitchell said...

Razz is the game to play!