Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few dozen chips and a chair....

Brings me this:

I was down to 65 chips in last night's Blogger Bodog tournament at the final table. That's sort of like holding, say, a small square in Asia in Risk when your opponent has everything else.
I must have pushed like a half dozen times before I lost the race but gobbled up the antes and blinds every time, once with K-K, mostly with mediocre holdings that I had to go with because my M was ghostly.
Then I was at 65 after losing a race (shocking, I know), and so when two players pushed all in ahead of me, I said, "I'm keeping my 65 chips" and did not push.
I would have gotten creamed.
I did push on the next hand, with the mighty 5-2 offsuit, and it beat A-K when I got a straight on the turn.
And that started the comeback.

There's a pretty good story here, but unfortunately Bodog doesn't really allow you to get hand histories, and it's late and I have twins remember and besides, me coming back can really be summed up in just a couple phrases.
Suckout, suckout, cooler, lucky hand, lucky hand.
Oh yeah and lots of aggression and terrific post-flop play on my part.
For instance, I went all-in preflop against K-K with A,9 and flopped two 9s.
Skill, people, skill.
Then I became chip leader when I flopped a set of 3s against the former chip leader's A-A. I just called his raise, planning to pitch it without any luck, and about shit my pants when I saw the magic 3 on the flop. He pushed on the turn and I was happy to call.

After that I thought I played good poker. I was way more aggressive than usual, as that's what I'm trying to work on this year, sort of my poker New Year's Resolution (my other one is not saying "Fuck" around Jayden after he repeated me when I was having trouble with his car seat. Oops. I haven't said it since). I stole several pots and chipped up nicely.

Lightning 36 played well heads-up and took me out when I really needed to feed a twin and pushed with a draw and didn't hit it. He outplayed me though, made it tough for me to get any traction against me.

From 65 to 60,000 and back to zero equals a pretty decent MTT score (for me, anyway) and +$109 in tourney dollars.

I can't wait for this tournament to start with a leader board! Can we start this week instead?


lightning36 said...

Yeah - let's start the leaderboard with this one!

You had the best comeback I have ever seen in an online tournament. I gave you well-deserved props in my blog. Good job!

$mokkee said...

incredible comeback peaker!

CEMfromMD said...

Fantastic job. I really thought you were out of there when you were down to 65 chips. Great watching you come back like that, especially since I ended up going out 7th, where I thought you would end up!

Mondogarage said...

Wow, that's just stunning. Awesome comeback, and yet another deep deep finish for Peaker in the Bodonkey. You've got to be one of the favorites for the leaderboard series.

Ignatious said...

wow wow wow.


PokahDave said...

wow Peaker...nice comeback...