Thursday, January 17, 2008

A radio personality made for the newspaper

Well, last night was my debut on Buddy Dank Radio, although I hesitate to call it a debut because that implies I'll get to be on again at some point.
After my blasé performance, I'm pretty sure I won't be asked back on. It made me appreciate what Buddy and Instant Tragedydo every week. Even if it does sound chaotic at times, those guys monitor all the games, try to keep us entertained, make sure the music is going, take messages from us Yahoos (literally) and play the Mookie all at the same time. It's harder than it sounds, folks, and that's because they are so relaxed while I do it.
I wanted to tell more climbing stories but after a while I realized it didn't seem to fit, and it would probably just come across as me just bragging about my exploits anyway. What I was hoping to do was introduce the poker bloggers to a different world, but I don't have the personality to do that without it coming across as just me blathering about my "great feats."
I busted fairly early from The Mookie. I was re-raised a lot preflop, and I'll have to start taking a stand if that continues, although I have a feeling I was beat each time, and I couldn't get anything going otherwise.
Now that PokerStars is on the Mac, I two tabled it while I was on the radio after I busted and scooped a huge pot when I called a minimum raise with five other callers with A-J clubs, expecting to either hit the flop big or let it go cheap. The flop came A-J-9, with two spades, so I bet the pot and was mini-raised by the original raiser. Given the draws and the fact that I thought I had the guy beat, I pushed, and he eventually called with K-K.
I had a great time on the radio, so thanks to Buddy for putting up with me the whole radio program. I would encourage all of you to give it a shot, as it was really easy to set up, and Buddy and IT will make you feel at home.
Speaking of a different world, go check out the latest Miami Donpost, his first installment of a series about his former life. It's outstanding writing, from the soul, and I can't wait for the next part. When Don isn't feuding or talkin' like a bookie, he's one of the best bloggers out there, and I'm really glad he's started this series.
We've got a prop bet this weekend, my Kansas Jayhawks versus Don's Missouri Tigers. The Tigers have us in their building, and that's a tough game no matter how good we are. And our ballas are really, really good this year. This is probably the best Jayhawk team I've seen in a long, long time, and that's saying something. This team is definitely better than the one that went to the title game in 2003 and equal to the one that went to the Final Four in 2002.
I'm heading to Black Hawk this weekend for some donkey limit poker after some time with Kate's parents. I've already scheduled a 10-mile run on Sunday to work off the frustration from that session.


Mondogarage said...

It's 2-5 Bingo, Peaker -- if you're running to work off frustration, it's going to take at least 26 miles, 385 yards. ;-)

Good luck!

Buddy Dank said...

Thanks for coming on the show. I had a great time talking about climbing and whatnot. We'll have you back on again sometime if you'd like. But we might have to spice things up a bit with some swearing and talking about female body parts.

Chipper (Dave) said...

Hope you were able to fight the weekend ski traffic ok. I headed to Eldora for some skiiing but the wind almost blew me away up there. That 2-5 donkament poker in Black Hawk will simply make you wish you had stayed home to play online poker (much easier).