Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockies Mountan High

Today, in sports:

• The Colorado Rockies continue their incredible streak of winning 75/76 games in a row (and yes I'm exaggerating, but not by much) by taking a 3-0 lead on Arizona. I'd be surprised if the snakes won tonight. They seem pretty cooked to me. One of their best players is whining about how the Rockies weren't outplaying them, they were just getting all the calls.
That sounds like a poker player saying he always gets beat on the river to me. And we all know what we do when we hear a player saying that, don't we? We already count their chips as our own.

• The Kansas City Chiefs beat up the poor Cin-Cin Kitties by actually playing their ass off for a half. Yeah, they went back to their mostly sucky ways in the second half, but by then it was too late. GG Chiefs!

• My Kansas Jayhawks are taking the Big 12 by storm. And it's not even basketball season! That's right, the Jayhawk football team is ranked 13th in the BCS series and 15th in the nation. The last time the Hawks were ranked in football? 1996. Our coach probably weighs 400 pounds but the guy can lead a team. Maybe because he threatens to eat the players if they don't play well. Hey, whatever works, it's nice to treat Kansas football as something to watch instead of a funny diversion until basketball gets here. And the hoops team looks balla again. We might go to a nice bowl game and the Final Four in the same year. Rock Chalk!

• Boooo fantasy football. I scored 96 points, the equivalent of winning three buy-ins in a cash game, in my league and lost anyway thanks to LT's 15 TDs and 498 yards rushing (yes I'm exaggerating but not by much).

Then I played my first match at Fantasy Sports Live as a part of Sundays with Dr. Pauly. My QB threw 5 TD passes. Both my running backs went for 100 and scored. 2/3 wide receivers scored. My TE had two touchdowns and close to 100 yards.
And I took 7th.
Guess I shouldn't try to compete with Miami Don and Pauly and guys who make a living picking apart professional sports. Thanks, Minnesota defense.

Still, the site is a ton of fun, and I really don't expect to win much. It's just nice to have another fantasy team.

One last word: WE ARE HEADING TO VEGAS on Thursday for my five-year anniversary with the wife. I won't be playing a ton of poker because this is a spouse trip, not a blogger trip (I'm in for that too though), but I hope to sling some chips with Carmen and Miami Don Friday at the MGM. Guys?

No kids. Did I mention no kids? No kids. No twins. Girls, Jayden, I love you very much, but Daddy needs to do something other than cleaning up your diapers.

I won't post again until I'm there in Vegas, but expect brief daily updates until we get home.


Krissy said...

We are going away for our 4th anniversary and leaving the twins with my parents. Thank God for grandparents! Have a great trip!

CarmenSinCity said...

YES - Friday night works for me and Don. We have a DATE at the MGM - can't wait!!!!! What time were you thinking of getting together????

shamanalix said...

Luckbox. I want my chips back!!! You better have won that bodogbloggessey tonight (Tuesday). Enjoy Vegas! But the one thing I'll never forgive is you're a Jayhawker; eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!

Mizzou rulez!!!

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