Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If life is a musical, my life is a cartoon

In the glory days, my head was filled with Metallica, Miles Davis and other spots of metal, with maybe a little hip-hop and pop music.
Now it's Little Einsteins.
"You can do it XX (I forget), you can win the race because you are an amazing music car!" (Sung to the tune of that classical music song they played over "Masterpiece Theater.")
Or it's Winnie the Pooh.
"My friends Tigger and Pooh, we're always here for each oooootherrrrr."
Or it's "Handy Mandy."
"Blah blah blah blah...Se Vamonous!"
Kill me now.
OK, so, yes, our toddler probably watches a little too much TV. But the goal of our existence right now is to try to make it past the twins' first year without killing ourselves, each other or Jayden. Jayden is the easiest part. I'm not sure if we'll make it through. We probably will. You don't have to recommend anyone for us. Or call the police.
So, unfortunately, TV keeps Jayden at bay for a bit while the girls get fed, changed and given some sort of sleepy drug so they zone out for ah hour. I'm just kidding on that last part. Or am I?
And so we pay for our bad parenting by having the song dance through our heads all day. They so inanely catchy that they stick there, like flypaper to our brain, and nothing gets rid of it. Not Rihanna's "Umbrella," something screamy from "Headbangers Ball" or jazz music. Nothing. Because I still keep up with music, but now it's just downloaded into my iTunes folder, where I can listen to it during my runs or workouts and that's about it. So that aforementioned "Umbrella" song is still new to me even though radio stations have played it about 1,893,238,987,983 times. Or so I've heard.
This does, at least, motivate us to turn the damn stuff off and read a book to him. While holding a twin. Which usually works. Jayden's even wanted to "read" to the twins himself, which is really damn cute.
Maybe I can develop a show where the music is hair metal from the 80s. They can put cute lyrics to "Rock You Like A Hurricane" if "Little Einsteins" can put lyrics to classic classical music.
• • •
Well, I moved up on Ultimate Bet to .25/.50 NL after building my bankroll there playing $.10/.25 (I started at $200) and got it up to $1200. Well, I lost a bunch, so I'll have to move back down for a bit again. Actually, I only lost $100, but that was in three days, and that makes me nervous. Of course my losses were to a bunch of suckouts (guy getting his two pair on the river, AA cracked by JJ, that sort of thing). I don't know why I always manage to get in a downswing just as I move up in levels. It's really discouraging. I don't think I'm playing scared.
• • • 
I realize Bodog is a sponsor of this site, but Tuesday's blogger tournament honestly seems like a good deal and one worth pimping for reasons other than sponsorship. If you are one of five bubble spots, you get your money refunded ($11), and if you finish in the top five, you get $109 in tournament dollars, which Bodog says is an entry to its big Sunday tournament but I think can be used for anything. Top three finishers get bonuses in cash.
There haven't been a ton of bloggers show up to this so the overlay could be pretty sweet. It starts at 6:35 p.m. tonight, which sucks for me since all three kids are still up, but I'm going to try to make it tonight. I can't resist that deal. See you there.


Kris said...

Nothing is worse than the Doodlebops! =) But it helps me get laundry done, or the kitchen clean, or dinner made... so we deal. Check this one out though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_BG_8Wjo88

A friend of mine heard it on a cd of kids songs that she got... it's my new favorite song. =)

Stacie said...

Go get the Sanda Boynton Philadelphia Chickens Book and CD. 1) It is funny and 2) Why should I be the only person who ends up singing "Cows! We're remarkable Cows!" at odd hours of the day.

Stacie said...

Oh, and Putomayo's Animal CD is pretty good.