Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here comes da Hammer!

You know it must be Halloween when the hammer dresses up like a good hand and smokes A,K:

finchyz is at seat 0 with $9.
j madden is at seat 1 with $9.75 (sitting out).
jeffmangum is at seat 2 with $27.09.
Racquetball2 is at seat 3 with $28.19.
dennin is at seat 4 with $27.76.
Buk is at seat 5 with $19.68.
Zdiggidy26 is at seat 6 with $11.08.
trthorny is at seat 7 with $99.44.
pokerpeaker is at seat 8 with $25.
gofast36 is at seat 9 with $25.39.
The button is at seat 6.

trthorny posts the small blind of $.10.
pokerpeaker posts the big blind of $.25.

finchyz: -- --
jeffmangum: -- --
Racquetball2: -- --
dennin: -- --
Buk: -- --
Zdiggidy26: -- --
trthorny: -- --
pokerpeaker: 7h 2c
gofast36: -- --


gofast36 folds. finchyz folds. jeffmangum folds.
Racquetball2 folds. dennin calls. Buk calls.
Zdiggidy26 folds. trthorny folds. pokerpeaker

Flop (board: Ks 7d 2s):

pokerpeaker bets $.25.
dennin folds. Buk raises to $.75.
pokerpeaker re-raises to $3.10. Buk calls.

Turn (board: Ks 7d 2s Jh):

pokerpeaker bets $7.05.
Buk goes all-in for $16.33.
pokerpeaker calls.

River (board: Ks 7d 2s Jh 9c):

(no action in this round)


Buk shows As Kc.
Buk has a pair of kings.
pokerpeaker shows 7h 2c.
pokerpeaker has two pair, sevens and deuces.

Hand #47285948-3465 Summary:

pokerpeaker wins $38.13 with two pair, sevens and deuces.

(Granted, I did not play this hand great, but you win when you play your hand even slightly better than your opponent - usually - and he played this hand horribly.)

We've got trick or treating with the toddler and the twins tonight. The twins are Tigger and, um, Tigger (obnoxious twinning alert) and Jayden will be Dash from The Incredibles, probably the most appropriate costume in the history of Halloween. Expect photos posted early tommorow.

But after that, I'll be here:

And then here:

So that's the Mook, the Dook and the Spook in one night.

Sounds like more fun than a barrell of zombies. See you tonight!

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