Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lord I was born a rambling man

I have 10 minutes to put together a pretty decent post, and that's probably not gonna happen, so I apologize for the rambling nature of this entry.

I cashed the Mookie last night for the second week in a row. For some reason I'm getting good hands there while the rest of my poker forays has been frustrating at best this week. That is such a fun tournament. Good people, good players, a decent structure and I love the double stack now. It's not so push-monkey that way.

I think I can officially now say I've stepped up my aggression. I probably still play too tight, and I'll always play too tight and hestitate to make a move I know I should at times. But I successfully stole several blinds and antes last night, and that was the difference to me making the final table in good shape. When the action is folded to me, now I"m thinking about stealing rather than just looking at my cards. I can honestly say this is the biggest and best change I've made in my game in the last year.

I still got lots of good cards and had some favorable flops, but I don't know many except Hoy who can make the final table in a blogger MTT without that. I certainly can't. I went out in the first money spot when my flopped top two pair could not hold up against a flush and inside straight draw. I don't think I was ahead by much there though.

OK, I'm pretty sure I'm going to Vegas. It appears Jordan and I will room together at the IP. I"m pretty nervous about this, given that I only know some of you by the Intertubes and I know you all know each other already. But I'm also thinking it will be fun. Right now I'm planning on heading out there Thursday and I'll stay until Sunday morning. We'll see.

I've entered the Sundays with Dr. Pauly contest at Fantasy Sports Live. I love fantasy football and I'm actually pretty decent at it - I've won our tough league three times in the last six years - so this should be fun. All I know is I'm staying the hell away from Drew Brees. Bastard is screwing up my team this year. I just made a deposit and got a $20 bonus. It was pretty easy. You should check it out. Although Miami Don is in my contest and I'm pretty sure he's a balla.


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the back to back final tables and cash. Very nice.

Chipper (Dave) said...

I've been playing in the Fantasy Sports Live BFFB weekly contests for bloggers. It's actually harder to pick a winning team than I thought it would be. I've been doing well in fantasy leagues for the last bazillion years but for some reason, the competition here is a lot tougher than you may think. Still, its a fun little competition. I've just been "saving" my good picks for later in the year (ya that's it).