Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Wednesday

The Rockies won their first game against the Phillies despite Baseball Tonight giving them about as much chance as me cashing in the Mookie.

Oh. Speaking of which...

I even knocked the fertile bad boy out himself. I bet $10 on Kansas to make it to the Final Four or win it all. Maybe I should bet on the Rockies?

Now, I know a 5th place finish isn't really worth a brag post, but this is my first cash in the Mookie since the twins were born way back in May. I had to give up the Mook for a long, long time, and to not only play it but cash against a group of tough mofos like yourself means a lot.
Life is finally returning to normal.
Well, as normal as it will ever be again.

P.S.S. I actually SENSED that Andie pooped this morning and I was right. No odor. I was just right. I have ESP (extra sensory poop) and that means I'm WAY too dialed into my kids right now. Thank goodness we're heading to Vegas on Oct. 16 for a break and to celebrate five wonderful years with Katers.

P.S. We call this foreshadowing. I visited the urologist today. In three weeks we're gonna make sure I NEVER have twins again.
More to follow...


Irongirl01 said...

hey peak got your offline IM yesterday AM. Im behind on your blog (and everyone elses) last I read you were alone in the casa on the way to meet the family in Denver. I have to get caught up this weekend.

You didnt say what you got your time down to!!

Im going out tomorrow to buy a new pair of Running shoes. My old body will probably scream but I need to start exercising again and running is what does it for me. Walking just is too slow!!

Kris said...

Where is your sense of adventure? You don't want two sets of twins??? =P

I'm so glad you and Kate will have some time away! Is grandma watching the kids?

Stacie said...

Not to scare you, but vasectomies aren't 100%. The odd man still managed to produce heirs post surgery.

I think you should aim for triplets next time.