Monday, January 08, 2007

Sorry so outta sorts - sorta

I'm battling a version of the post-holiday blues.
Kansas City was fun, but now it's back to the grindstone, and more and more I find myself dreading what I know will be a tough year. I know the birth of our second child should be celebrated with nothing but joy and excitement, especially when you consider how lucky we are, but realistic parents know better. Yes, it's a joy, but we also know how hard it is already to be raising an active 18-month-old without a new person screaming at odd hours at all times.
And this is probably because of the impending birth, but I'm feeling this great pressure to watch movies, read books, play more video games, and, of course play poker. I have this paranoid feeling that I'm missing out on the world and I won't have time to catch up. Maybe I don't want to become my parents or I'm already in denial about the fact that I already am. What a stupid thing to worry about too.
This blogging thing takes a lot of time as well and I*'m not sure I'm read very much, which shouldn't be the point but I wonder if deep down it is more than it should be.
We're expecting another snowstorm and single-digit temperatures this week. I love the snow and the cold but part of me wants to scream "ENOUGH FUCKING ALREADY" as I try to navigate through eight-foot drifts and icy side streets. And it's only January? It's hard to run, even hard to get outside without suffering frostbite or soaking your shoes and the side of my car is starting to rust from all the chemicals they slap on the strees. And when I go to wash it, it starts to snow again.
My Chiefs sucked and I have a feeling my Kansas Jayhawks are doomed for another early exit, even if they have looked good lately.
Finally, work is kind of eh after years of loving my job.
In good news, I've rebounded from my horrible December (my second month in the red overall) and started playing good poker again. I'm still making impatient calls - just a tip, calling a raise with A,Q and an A out there when there's three suites also out there is not a good idea - but I've cut down on them considerably and the cards have started to fall my way again, which is nice too.
I also seem to finally grasp PL Omaha (high) after reading the chapter about it in Super System II again. I'm more worried about starting with cards that work together and being much pickier about starting hands. My system in the past was probably like the system of most low-limit players - put in your money and see how the flop works out - but that can get you into trouble when you flop two pair and you think it's good. So far so good. I still can't bring myself to push too much with my draws yet, even though that's more a part of the game than I'm willing to admit.
I'm clearing a bonus at Ultimate Bet, but I don't know how long I'll stay there. The software is kind of eh and the traffic isn't too great. I got a set of poker chips from Poker Source Online.
Once I get that, I'll probably just stick to Poker Stars for cash and Full Tilt for tournaments. For some reason, mostly a good mix of bad luck and some poor play on my part, I can't beat the cash games on Full Tilt. But I do well at the SnGs. Poker Stars seems to be treating me fine, although I need to get another deposit bonus to work on.

Sorry for the crappy post, but it seems to match my overall constitution right now, and I don't know why, either.

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