Thursday, January 18, 2007

Silence may be a virtue


I'm with Drizz. I probably shouldn't have played last night. I dropped a few bucks in the cash games and lost two SnGs (one of them PLO8 with Drizz, and I found out I'm worse at that game than I thought, no more playing a HE game while I'm playing that). I actually didn't play that horribly - my flops weren't hitting at all, and my tablemates weren't buying my continuation bets - but I did feel a sense of urgency along with a numbness and a air of concern about what will happen to my money.
I'm not freaking out, especially now that a relative sense of quiet among the other bloggers has given me a perverse sense of calm. Maybe they're not worried about it. There's probably a way to withdraw, should I ever need to do that.
My bigger concern is this probably means the next few weeks will be the last of the fishbowl. I sincerely hope not but what else could happen?
My hobby seems to be disappearing before my eyes.
Maybe I need to start looking for an underground game.
What are the rest of you doing?

Edit: I just got this from Full Tilt:

"Withdrawing funds from your NETeller Account

As you may be aware, NETeller has announced that it will no longer provide payment processing services to U.S. residents. As such, NETeller is no longer allowing U.S. residents to conduct funds transfers to or from online poker sites like Full Tilt Poker. This change does not affect non-U.S. residents, and their NETeller services will remain unchanged.

If you are a U.S.-based NETeller customer and would like to withdraw funds from Full Tilt Poker, you will need to open a new account with an alternate payment processor. Rest assured that any funds you currently have on deposit with Full Tilt Poker will remain safe and secure until the time you can establish your new payment processor account.

Please follow the steps below to establish your new payment processor account.

Creating a New Payment Processor Account

You may withdraw your funds to one of the following payment processors:

Follow the step-by-step Quick-Start Guides to create an account with the processor of your choice.

Once you have created your new processor account, please make a minimum deposit with your new processor so that we can verify your account and player information. When you have made a successful deposit, please re-submit your withdrawal request through the Cashier.

If you already have an account with either Click2Pay or ePassporte and have made a deposit with them in the past, please email so that we can update your account information. In your email, please include the following:

Your Full Tilt Poker player ID (for your own security, do not include your account password)
The name of your new payment processor and your account number
As an additional security measure, please ensure that you email us from the same email account that is registered with your Full Tilt Poker account.

If you have any questions about withdrawing your funds, please email us at"

I don't know much about Click2Pay or ePassporte, but it sounds like Full Tilt is doing everything it can to reassure its customers. It worked for me for now. I will keep playing and I won't worry about withdrawing, as I've got more than enough cash in my poker bank account. Given this, I'm sure one day I'll find a way to withdraw if I need to do so.


Mondogarage said...

Well, I only got about $200 online right now, and I'll just keep playing it the way I do, MTTs and SNGs. If I lose it, I simply won't redeposit until stuff is cleared. If I hit a big cash, then we'll see.

But I guess my poker will have to be scaled back. I'll go to Black Hawk more often than I do now, but really, probably no more than once a week. It's all Limit anyway, except for tourneys...

Drizztdj said...

I'm seriously concidering go back to the gaming world, but with caution this time.

Mark said...

My feeling is I'm going to keep playing (and playing well) unless I have reason not to. I believe my money is relatively safe at the sites I play.