Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happiness is a warm laptop

As I lay in bed and play a little poker myself, I'm also having fun watching our own little blogging version of High Stakes Poker:

Good sheeeet lord.
The button "Join Waiting List" just sits there are mocks me. No efffffing way.

Meanwhile, little 'ole me beat another $5.50 SnG last night. I'm about ready to move back up to $11. I've retooled my game a bit more and I'm now pumped full of aggression and ready to go.
For the most part, anyway.
Of course, who needs to make moves when you have this:

A sex party with the Hiltons!!!
Say it with me now.

So the poker slump is mostly over. I will finish well into the green this week. Probably.
So sorry for the blues post. The blues are gone. I"m back into my routine. I'm running again. The temperature might break 40 (for a day, then it's back to the bitchy cold weather, but still). Work is better. I had fun chatting on that IRC thingy with some great bloggers last night.
Life is good.
Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I'll see you at the Mookie tommorow night.


CarmenSinCity said...

I know what you mean about the blogger version of high stakes poker! Those guys have some balls huh? I've been just fine playing my $11 six handed SNG's. I like them and seem to be doing pretty well.

I'm glad you liked the boring shepherd. I knew someone would.

JL514 said...

what is the location of this secret blogger IRC chat?