Tuesday, April 07, 2009

High stakes poker and a couple other thoughts

This season of High Stakes Poker is by far the best so far. Adding Dwan to the mix was brilliant, as he had three or maybe more of the most memorable hands of every season.
And just to prove that, last show's $900,000 (!) pot between Dwan and Greenstein was the least interesting of the three, since it was just a coin flip after the flop (overpair versus pair and flush draw) and it practically played itself. The only reason I list it here is because, holy shit, it WAS a $900,000 pot.
Plus anyone who's had a nightmare session playing poker (yep, that's me, raising my hand) had to be comforted watching Daniel Negreanu's meltdown. It can happen to the best of us.
They're adding a new mix of players this week, and I have a feeling it will be a bit of a letdown. Still, why the hell did GSN ever hesitate to renew the show? It is, no doubt, the best poker on television. I usually watch the World Poker Tour after I watch HSP, and I almost fall asleep watching all-in after all-in showdowns.

On another front, April is Omaha-only month in the Pokerpeaker household. I'm writing about this for Pokerworks and will let you know when the story runs. So far, so good. There are too many bad players at the lower limits for me to keep scratching out birdseed in Hold 'Em when I can be eating three-egg omelets with cheese, ham and bacon in Omaha.

The Horsetooth Half Marathon is next weekend. It's been a long, hard winter of training but I know I'm ready. The racing season is underway and I can't wait.

Finally, I'm happy for UNC and Roy Williams, but what a boring game. I found myself rooting for Michigan State just to give me a good game. Still, it's nice to see Roy win his second. I root for him again after we got even by handing out the beatdown we did against them last year.

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kurokitty said...

It's kind of a flip-flop from last year. The same Michigan State squad that beat Kansas by 5 points gets destroyed by UNC in a game that looked like last year's Kansas-UNC game.

I think that experience will be positive for Michigan State next year, however.

Will be interesting to see if Kansas picks up top recruits juggled loose by Calipari going to Kentucky.

Kansas has to catch up! They're behind UNC by two titles now! :)