Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Scramble

I really think they should call what you'll see below the "Easter Egg Scramble." Not only is it funny - get it, scramble, heh - but it's way more accurate.
Calling what we did today an "Easter egg hunt" would be like tying a bunch of old tires to the back of a few turtles and calling it a chase or hog-tying some deer, throwing them in a cage and shooting them and calling that a hunt. Our city's staff threw a bunch of eggs on a softball field, a bunch of tiny kids gathered and we all dashed for the eggs.
It was over faster than it takes to cook a bacon and cheese omelet.

Still, it was fun:


----- Jennifer ----- said...

i like your blog.............

KenP said...

Isn't co-ordination hereditary? That seems born out by the panning 'technique' employed. Maybe it is time for a "Calling and Crawling" blog.

Nice! Great kids and more woman than you obviously deserve.