Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thoughts on two days in Vegas:

• Proof that I don't mind adventure (in case you haven't guessed that by now) - I played 4/8 Omaha Hi/Lo at the Venetian. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Fun-wise, not bankroll-wise.

• Proof that there are some certifiable nuts on the strip: A guy in a Jesus saves ballcap (maybe from "Jesus Christ Superstar?") was shouting at people with a mic. One of his arguments was, "You have no guarantees in this world. A satellite could fall from the sky and land on you."
So I should start kissing a Jesus statue's feet because of a 1 in one quadrillion chance (or about as much chance of me sucking out on someone)? Sign me up!

• Proof that one in one quadrillion chances do occur: I pushed my semi, frustrated short stack against a guy who was fairly tight at the Bellagio Friday with A-K on a K-high flop. I thought I was dead when he turned over two more Kings. I was right until I went runner, runner straight for the pot.

• Proof that I can play too weak - I had far too many pocket pairs to count but didn't play them strong enough (just one set out of the literally 30 I had would have helped, but I digress), but I got a little gun shy after an old man cracked my A-A with K-3 sooted and my J-J with 8-3 sooted.

• Proof that I was not in charge of the trip: No Steel Panther. Sorry, Blood, Wife, Doc, Trooper, StB. I have failed thee.

• Proof that I still have The Goods: Five women hit on me this weekend. And only four of them wanted money for their services.

• Proof that I'm delusional occasionally: The fifth was stumbling, bumbling drunk.

• Proof that I can run well after a couple frustrating, soul-crushing poker sessions (including dropping $200 at a 3/6 limit game, which I was playing so I could join my buddies at the poker table) - At Caesar's, I finally flopped a set, doubled up through a guy's Kings, then flopped a straight with 10-9 sooted and got paid.
I was shocked at how dead Caesar's poker room was. There was tournament action but the cash games could barely get one two $1-2 no limit games together. Shame.
At that night's 3/6 game, which we were playing to unwind before bed at the MGM, I didn't even have chips yet when the dealer asked if I wanted a hand.
Well, sure.
He dealt me 2-2. I announced call without my chips and we were off.
Flop 2-8-2.
Not bad.
One guy bet, another raised, and again without my chips I announced call. I thought about raising but there were two hearts on the board and I was hoping at least one of them had a flush draw.
The third heart came. Bet, bet, and I announced "raise." Sure enough one folded but the other called.
He bet out again - heaven - and I raised on the river, without chips. He called and showed an A-high flush. I quickly flipped my quads because slowrolling is for douchebags. The table went nuts. How sweet is it to have your chips brought to you while a pot is shipped to you at the same time?
That's, well, Mom might be reading this so never mind.
• Proof that there is a natural balance to things - The quality of the women went down as we walked south down the strip, from Caesar's to the Bellagio, then to New York New York. The MGM helped things a little but it just wasn't the same.
• Proof that I had a good time - I didn't even care that Kansas blew its game against Baylor.
• Proof that I'm lucky - My kids and wife were waiting for me when I got home.


The Wife said...

You have one mulligan to use on not seeing Panthers . . . it happened to us too, last time.

But would it have been as much fun without our group?

Glad you had fun - glad you hit quads - glad you can appreciate your family a little better after a bit.

Now, if we're in Vegas together next time and don't see Panthers . . . that will be a crime.

Pinky-swear we go to the next one together . . .

lightning36 said...

How big was the quads pot?

Dang -- I have gotten quads at MGM before, but never anywhere with a big high hand jackpot. Most I got was $20 forquads at Luxor, but never at Ballys, where I spend hours upon hours ...

Sounds like a great trip.

Drizztdj said...

4/8 O8 at the Venetian does rock.

Should have tried the 8/16 Mixed game though!

pokerpeaker said...

Drizz, I said I was OK with losing a LITTLE money, not my whole bankroll.
I need to talk about hi/lo a bit. I'm pretty sure I made some mistakes.

LIghtning, the MGM offers no hand bonus, so the only thing I got out of it was a good story. Which might have been enough.