Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Five things I don't want to hear another smidge about

1. Stories about how the economy is affecting businesses. I don't need to read a single word about how the economy is hurting the ketchup industry or the diaper industry or the tampon industry. Editors are just getting lazy now. Things are bad. I get it.
2. That batshit woman who had eight kids. Let's not reward her heinous act by feeding her obvious, disturbing need for attention any longer, OK?
3. "The Bachelor." OMG. He DUMPED ONE WOMAN FOR ANOTHER. Holy Cow. That NEVER happens in relationships! He had a change of heart? What a BASTARD! Come on, people, let's pick up our jaws off the floor and move on, shall we?
4. How newspapers are dying. Thanks.
5. American Idol. Unless Change 100 is writing about it.


Riggstad said...

YEAH! But did you hear about that Monkey eating that chic's FACE OFF?!?!?!?

I can never get enough of that!!!

pokerpeaker said...

Oh, yeah, the monkey would have been good, too.

BamBam said...

You have it so bad down there! Lazy people regurgitating stories on an hourly basis!

All we get is a Comedian from a National 1/2 hour weekly T.V. show, busting into a government charity gala as a joke.

Canada rocks sometimes !

Oh..... and I also loves me some boobies!

Allvira said...

yah!! no one wants to hear about this even I am not.. But we'll have bear this..

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Pokerstar Blog said...

Everybody talks about it, but nobody wants to hear about it ;)

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